Anders has been making music for most of his life, though he has not released anything until december 2000. He was born in december 1973 and grew up in a small town in the middle of sweden,where he spent most of his teenhood playing with sequensers and drummachines. Making nearly hundreds of tracks but never really feeling satisfied with the quality of the productions he decided to quit and sell all the gadgets in 1997.
He had learned to mix a few years earlier so instead he bought recordplayers and became a dj. He left his hometown in 1993 and finally ended up in gothenburg 1997 where he also studied sexology at the university. After a few years of not making music he picked it up again by accident in 2000 when he made 2 tracks on a friends pc using simple software. Impressed with the clarity of the production he decided to release the tracks and continue creating music. The first tracks was released on a split 12" with his friend Olof Hemmendorff. The record was a simple black vinyl disc with empty blue and brown labelstickers. Only indication of title was the engravings in the runoutgroove saying pinesky 01. After a few more tracks were finished a demo was sent out, and in november 2001 his first 12" was released on cologne label Plong! under the alias rend.
The first selftitled release came one year later. A 12" called replik that was also his first release for berlin based label Shitkatapult. This release was followed up in march 2003 with the CD and 12" everdom, where the CD featured three additional ambient tracks. Anders' musical output so far varies from purely dancefloor compatible minimal techno to abstract ambient soundscapes, often described as deep, floating, cold, emotional, reduced etc.
During 2003 he played both live and dj in several locations in europe including berlin, cologne, copenhagen, stockholm and gothenburg. He starts 2004 with a new release on Plong! and his second release on rotterdam label, as well as a remix for Shitkatapult co-head Apparat. Anders is also working on new tracks for future releases.
To be continued...

- pinesky 01 | w/ olof hemmendorff | 12"
- plong! 05 | rend - inter | 12"
- plong! 08 | rend - wallflower | 12"
- shitkatapult strike 34 | replik | 12"
- shitkatapult strike 37 | everdom | 12"
- shitkatapult strike 37 | everdom | CD
- 026 | no title | 12"
- shitkatapult strike 42 | hydro | 12"
- 026 | senare | 12"
- plong! 11 | rendthree | 12"
- kompakt CD 24 | tobias thomas - smallville | mixcd feat. onehow | CD
- collectanea: first course | compilation feat. tank | DVD
- shitkatapult strike 45 | apparat - duplex.remixes feat. wooden - anders ilar remix | 12"