Fusiphorm is a project by Sylvain Takerkart also known as Cyhl. 1999 he moved from France to Princeton / USA and launched with his roommate, who was still a DJ, the Dreamlabz collective. After a lot of rocked parties they decided to take the next step and transformed Dreamlabz into a record shop in Trenton. The store opened a few days before September 2001 and it really wasn’t the right time to take off. In 2001-2002, his radio shows on wprb 103.3 FM (princeton) and online on flaresound (now netmusique) earned him several dj-tours in other parts of the u.s. and overseas (france, belgium, germany, slovakia and spain). Organizing parties in Princeton he get in contact with Sean O’Neal ( aka Someone Else ) and together with Kate Iwanowicz they founded in may 2004 the Foundsound label. His first Fusiphorm EP was released in late 2005 on Foundsound and after producing a lot of other tracks he puts together some nice thrilling ‘ Foundsounds’ for his first appearance on the Cologne / Germany based label Plong!


discography releases:
• the blue family ep (12'') - sushitech purple
• the lifetime ep (12'') - schieber
• you am i ep (12'') - foundsound
• tionification ep (12'') - plong!