Growing up in Berlin ' le dust sucker’ cultivated life long friendship with dust on vinyl and bad habits. Markus Schöbel and Fabian Grobe first met in 1996 and founded le dust sucker after a foregoing time of producing at there own. Her first release was a tape called the New York sessions. It was followed by two releases on USS – Cuts – the ‘ Kaufhaus Schrill’ EP and 'Slience’ – EP. Also in 2000 le dust sucker get in touch with the german film-maker Mathias Glasner and provided ‘driller’ from the New York sessions tape to the film ‘Fandango’. 2001 they spiritually met Afrika Bambaataa and did two remixes for da Funky Heroes on Mantra Vibes / Expanded Music. Sometimes later they did another remix of Funky Heroes for acetate / England. After an EP on Styles Kickin’ and the ‘Lick, Lick’ and ‘Love me’ EP on german label Plong! and appearances on a lot of Mix – CD’s and remixes on Carbon / England they presented on Plong! there first album with complete new material. Sucked stuff from the dust of music history. After that they released Plong! 14, Meanboy’ from the album combined with the new ,Meangirl’ track and Anders Ilar and Dominik Eulberg picked up ,Meanboy’ for a remix released as Plong! 16.